George Bugatti

George at Rockefeller Center

Vocals & Piano

Singing With A Trio

Concert With Michel Legrand

Portraits Of America

A Tony Bennett Story

George Bugatti is an American singer, pianist, producer and playwright.

His three albums are Oh, What a Night for Love, Bugatti Live on the Strip*, and A Night for Romance**. He is the co-writer and co-producer of The Wonderful Wizard of Song, Music from OZ.

George Bugatti Birth Name:
George Joseph Bugatti

Brooklyn, New York

Singer, Pianist, Producer – Playwright, Documentary Film Director

American Pop Standard

Vocals, Piano

Years Active:

Paul Anka Productions, Fynsworth Alley, Caravan Productions.


Bellagio, Las Vegas – Residency, 2 years
Peninsula, Beverly Hills – Residency, 7 years
Carnegie Hall, New York
MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas
Vibrato, Beverly Hills
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, California
Kodak Theatre, Rochester, NY
Ruth Eckhard Hall, Florida
Sands, Atlantic City
Smith Center, Las Vegas
St. Lukes Theatre, NY, Two years
National tours -Performing Arts Centers across America


In an unprecedented gesture, Tony Bennett invited George from the audience to perform with him at his Thousand Oaks Civic Auditorium concert.

Los Angeles Magazine described Bugatti’s performance’s at Peninsula, Beverly Hills as the; “West Coast equivalent to the Carlyle Hotel’s Bobby Short.”

Casino mogul, Steve Wynn invited George to open Bellagio Las Vegas, along with Michael Feinstein and John Pizzarelli.

” Live on the Strip,” appears on the record label; Paul Anka Productions.

Headlined The Sands, Atlantic City.

Performance with legendary composer Michel LeGrand at the MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas for the TV special honoring the legendary composer’s 75th birthday.

“A Night for Romance” was produced by American Idol’s Nigel Wright and distributed by Universal.

About George Bugatti

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Bugatti’s affinity for music was ignited at age five. A telling incident unfolded at Macy’s Herald Square, where a young Bugatti was lost, separated from his parents in store, and then found, entranced, sitting at a piano in the piano department. This fascination led his parents to arrange piano lessons, fueling a lifelong devotion to music.

Bugatti’s talents blossomed as he attended the famed High School of Performing Arts in New York City. He was accepted into the prestigious Juilliard School, but a devastating injury severed the median nerve in his right hand, halting his promising career as a classical pianist. Despite successful microsurgery, the doctor’s prognosis was grim: “You’ll never play the piano again.”

Undeterred, Bugatti attended New York University to study theater under the tutelage of the renowned acting coach Stella Adler. After earning his BFA, he diligently rehabilitated his hand with unwavering perseverance. Though the journey was arduous, he not only achieved recovery but also honed his left hand’s ability to perform beyond ordinary capacity.

His ability as a pianist landed him the coveted entertainer chair at the Peninsula, Beverly Hills.

George quickly developed a celebrity following including; Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Wynonna Judd, Gene Kelly, Tupak Shakur and Steve Allen, creator of the Tonight Show, who produced George’s first CD.

One remarkable night at the Peninsula Hotel, although not considering himself much of a singer, he was asked to sing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” Unfamiliar with the song but fortuitously having the words and music in a book, George took a chance. That night, he discovered his voice,  and his singing career began to soar in Los Angeles. Bugatti’s mellifluous voice soon became a signature sound. This seemingly small event at the Peninsula Hotel would take on a significant irony as Tony Bennett, the original performer of that song, later befriended George and invited Bugatti to perform with him.

Soon after, George was headlining at Bellagio Las Vegas, an opportunity extended by Steve Wynn. It was here that he crossed paths with Paul Anka, who was impressed enough to offer Bugatti’s album, “Live on the Strip,” a spot on his record label, Paul Anka Productions. Through his collaboration with Paul Anka, George Headlined with his big band; The Sands, Atlantic City.

“Bugatti is no museum curator; he revitalizes familiar tunes with keen arrangements. His warm, satiny voice is some of the best phrasing the Sands has heard since Sinatra last performed there.”
Chuck Darrow - New Jersey CourierPost.

George made his first Carnegie Hall appearance , performing a suite of works on piano, arranged by Peter Nero.

Shortly after, George received a call from Nigel Wright, long time music producer for Andrew Lloyd Webber, who asked him to meet. Nigel would frequent the Peninsula during George’s tenure. He informed George that he had just become the Executive Music producer for American Idol, telling Bugatti, “I have two days off a week. I can produce a CD for you, but we must do the entire project in 2 days.” The result was the CD, “A Night for Romance” produced by American Idol’s Nigel Wright and distributed by Universal.

The CD features a single, “Two Shots of Happy,” written by U2 front-man Bono, whose manager Paul McGuinness gave George the song, originally intended for Frank Sinatra.


At that time, George met Sam Arlen, son of WIZARD OF OZ composer Harold Arlen. A meeting facilitated by their shared publicist, Miller Wright. It sparked a friendship and working partnership. Together, they created a review centered around the music of Harold Arlen, The Wonderful Wizard of Song. After touring U.S. Performing Arts Centers, the show was re-tooled and work-shopped. Perry Damone, son of Vic Damone, became the show’s Executive Producer and presented it in Las Vegas at The Debbie Reynolds Theatre.

George created a marketing plan for the show’s NY opening, “Be the Next Dorothy. ” The show was an American Idol-style talent competition, with the winner starring as Dorothy. The competition was hosted in partnership with General Growth Properties, launched in Glendale, CA,  and continued to 11 cities across America. The finals took place at The South Street Seaport in New York. On January 13, 2013, The Wonderful Wizard of Song opened at The St Luke’s Theatre on West 46th. The production ran for a year and a half.


In early 2015, Vincent Falcone, the former conductor/arranger/MD for Frank Sinatra, and George began discussing the great recordings Tony Bennett and Bill Evans produced in the 1970s.

They decided to honor the fortieth anniversary of those recordings by interpreting them in their own way, keeping the mastery and artistic integrity of the songwriters, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Evans.

This tribute concert was performed at the Cabaret Jazz Room at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, NV, on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015.

Production Credits

George Bugatti’s Piano Bar, which debuted at The Smith Center in Las Vegas with Antonia Bennett and Seinfeld’s John O’Hurley.

The Wonderful Wizard of Song, A Symphony, co-produced with Todd Gershwin of the George and Ira Gershwin Estate.

Portraits of America, which completed a 25-city tour.

A Lifetime On Stage

In addition to singing The Great American Songbook, George has a passion for the best of Broadway and pop music. 

His interpretations of the iconic hits of Broadway, showcases his remarkable versatility across decades of theater’s most celebrated works. From the enduring charm of ‘West Side Story’ and ‘My Fair Lady’ to the captivating compositions of Andrew Lloyd Webber, including ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ his repertoire embraces and celebrates the rich and diverse sounds of Broadway’s illustrious musical history.

In pop music, George energetically covers the hits of Elvis, Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and the contemporary vibes of John Legend and Bruno Mars!

George has had the honor of opening for renowned comedians such as Don Rickles, Alan King, Joan Rivers, and the Emmy-winning television actor and comedian Brad Garrett.

His talents and career milestones have been featured in numerous esteemed publications, including Rolling Stone Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and Entertainment Weekly.